About LAKE

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Lake Area Kidney Endowment offers financial help and assistance providing goods and services to those affected by chronic kidney disease who are in need of such service. We achieve this, for example, by providing gas cards to assist patients in attending medical appointments and dialysis treatments, assistance with medication and insurance copayments to prevent interruption of medical treatments, gift cards for purchasing food necessary for kidney friendly diets, and we also provide other assistance for medical related costs for people facing financial hardship. We also provide mentoring services, patient advocacy assistance, and help in establishing social networking services. The LAKE organization is open to any donation request, as we appreciate it is impossible to predict every hardship scenario. 


LAKE is involved in many fundraising events including our Fall Festivus kidney walk, bake sales, and painting classes. Since 2016, we have teamed up with HyVee and KXLG Radio, to be the recipients of their annual Pink Ribbon Classic golf tournament.